Designing a WordPress website is our profession.

If you ever dream about having your website and starting your business, it’s time to make your dreams come true. WordPress is a quick way to design professional and efficient website, which you can easily display your services to everyone through the wide world of internet. By having your dream website, search engines will introduce you as a brand to the world.

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Did you know that about 30% of the web world are WordPress websites?

WordPress is a professional and open-source software for website design. Web sites that have been designed with WordPress have many benefits, including easy management, great SEO, and being user-friendly. Website design with WordPress has created 30 percent of the web world because of its various layouts and numerous extensions.

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Why WordPress website design with Hamyar Dev?

An accurate need assessment of your demand

Our team will carefully listen to all your needs and ideas and ultimately deliver them all in the form of a professional website.

Providing the most optimal solution in terms of quality, time, and cost

The next step is to provide the best and most practical solution, which has the most efficiency. The high quality, time, and minimal cost are our priorities for you.

Online tracking of the site completion process

Once our designers are designing your site, you can easily see the changes and give them comment so that the result will be exactly what you wish.

You can manage your website yourself.

With face to face and distance tutorials that Hamyar Dev offers you, you will be able to manage your website and be independent completely.

Website support and website manager

Don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you after launching your website, and we’ll accompany you to master your site, make necessary changes, and teach you how to run the changes.

طراحی سایت‌ وردپرس

The features that make the world’s biggest websites choose WordPress

Infinite variation of themes and plugins

Many interesting and attractive features can be added to the website using plenty of varied themes and plugins.

Security and update

Website security is an essential component for online business owners. WordPress will provide you security with frequent and free updates and strong security plugins.

Great interaction with search engines

SEO is today’s hot discussion of those who are always the best. The WordPress website design causes an SEO-based website that is well coordinated with search engines.

Being responsive

After designing the website, your site must maintain its appearance on any device. WordPress makes your website responsive to any device, including the laptop, mobile, and tablet.

Designing multilingual websites

If you want your website to have multi languages and any user, whether in Iran or other countries, can work comfortably with your site, we offer you our WordPress website design. The WordPress website can easily support different languages.

Easy development

You may have a site, but after a while, you want to make changes to your website for some reason. Don’t worry! With WordPress, you can develop and change your website at any time.


Management panel with easy usage

One of the most important parts of any website is its management panel. Working with the management panel of WordPress is easy, and everyone can easily manage their website.

Easy and fast learning

Working with WordPress is very easy, and any person interested in website or website design can easily learn to work with WordPress.

Having a graphical page builder

Using different graphical page builders, beautiful and practical web pages can be created without knowledge of coding.

Designing any website with different usages

WordPress allows you to have a variety of websites, including news websites, shopping websites, corporate websites, personal websites, multifunctional websites, and the VIP website.

Custom-built programming

WordPress programmers can implement your website’s specific appearance and processes by developing different types of WordPress plugins and themes with high quality on your site.

Searching in the site content

The search filter is one of the cases where the user is not confused and can easily get what he/she wants.

Your satisfaction is our honor

طراحی سایت‌ وردپرس سیناوت

Instead of establishing a pet clinic and selling their particular products, we decided to use an online shop to sell pet food and accessories with accessibility from across the country, accurate information about each product, and price comparison. The turnout was satisfactory in these three months.

Dr mahmodreza etezadi / sinavet online shop
طراحی سایت‌ وردپرس تیپواستایل

I’m a cloth designing student. I began my business for two years with designing scarf, manto, and ornaments at home. Besides Instagram, I decided to use an online internet shop to supply my products, to make more people know my art and have the ability for online shopping and payment.

harir alizadeh bahrami / tipostyle online store
طراحی سایت‌ وردپرس ابزار آنلاین

The “Abzar Online” shop provides the possibility of buying tools by principal managers and the technical department of companies, even in the furthest parts of Iran at the lowest price, the ability to know the exact specifications of the goods and compare with other similar products, provide rapid supply and delivery of goods in the desired location.

mohamadhadi vaziri / abzaronllie online store