Website design samples

Our website design samples in Hamyar Dev are a catalog of our website design services. All the samples had facilities and services described in the website design packages, and its design and style were performed following the employer’s needs and preferences. Below are some of the website design samples separated by type of websites:

Corporate website design sample

Corporate websites are online offices of any business. These websites should be pretty well-organized and beautiful, presenting the company’s main services, products, and contact information clearly and quickly.

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Online shop design sample

The online store is the showcase of your products and services. The sorting and beauty of such sites are of paramount importance, and the quick access of users to the classification of products and services and see all the required information is of high priority. The process of order and payment must be very short, clear and straightforward.

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News website design sample

News websites play an important role in the flow of information around the world. Such websites should have such sorting so that the user can find articles and see them in all kinds of devices easily and without getting bored.

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Medical website design sample

The introduction of health and medical services through the website is one of the latest ways of patients’ access to such services. Beauty, being organized, and rich content along with facilities such as online booking make those sites more attractive.

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Educational website design sample

The production and dissemination of online educational content today is one of the most popular methods of providing educational services across the world. Facilities such as selling educational content are one of the best ways to get income from the internet. Rich educational content is the most important thing in such websites.

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Ads and directory website design sample

Today, ad sites like Divar or Sheypoor are widespread in Iran’s online environment. Such sites are large parts of online market by establishing quick access between vendors and buyers of products and services. The quick access to advertisements and the easy process of submitting the ad is of the main features of such websites.

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