Designing an educational website

The web system of managing and selling educational content allows you to create a virtual web school and present your valuable educational content to learning enthusiasts. This system includes extensive educational facilities, including defining educational courses, loading any media type, defining different types of tests, educational certification, and commission payment to the professors for the sale of courses.

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Why designing an educational website?

Due to the progress of technology and the rising level of human knowledge, people are looking for new, high-quality training. Nowadays in Tehran and even the country, there are several educational centers, all of which seek to simplify the accessibility of their services for people. This can be done by designing an educational website. Educational websites are one of the most important websites on the Internet, which are very popular today. You can then attract a large number of audiences to your website by designing an educational website.

The internet is the place of advertising your educational website!

Today, most people in the world use the internet to access to information. So you’d better go with it. Some people don’t think of entering a virtual world for advertising their products or services due to their high incomes on the traditional market. Remember, if you do not progress with the advancement of society, you are definitely a loser. You can attract more audience to your traditional job by creating a website and multiply your income. The Hamyar Dev company has the responsibility to build an entirely professional educational website for you and deliver it to you at the lowest given time.

Holding online classes

In recent years, the advent of the internet and using computers has grown much. That has made the countries’ educational system grow. One of the most important growth is holding online courses through the Internet, only with a phone or a computer. These types of classes have many advantages, and the most important of these advantages is distance learning. You can register from anywhere in the world, and buy your course by giving a fee to your educational website, then take these classes virtually and on the Internet platform. We will design an educational website with facilities such as holding online classes, selling courses, etc. on Hamyar Dev.

Are we suppose to have a physical education center?

I tell you, no. You don’t need a physical education center to have an educational website; your educational center can be virtual. And if you use one or a few professors for teaching to your audiences, you can even act like Faradars or Faranesh websites so teachers will join on your website and start to make educational content, and you will receive a fee in exchange for the website platform you give.

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What points do we consider in designing the educational website?

The first thing that we, on Hamyar Dev, will do professionally for your educational website is the beautiful graphics and user interface, which is of great importance. As people enter your educational website, the first thing they care about is its user interface. And if your website has a poor user interface, they will quickly leave that and visit the next educational website. Another point that we consider in Hamyar Dev is the standard SEO for your educational website. With regard to the increase in educational websites, your website has to be good enough to attract the audience to your website.

Benefits of designing an educational website

There are many features to be considered in designing an educational website. Since the traditional methods of teaching were facing challenges such as expensiveness, lack of time, etc., students have turned to virtual training. Websites have many characteristics due to the type of consumption and usage they have, some of which in Hamyar Dev are: the cost of the educational website design is very affordable. These types of websites are highly reactive and can be displayed on every screen device. Another benefit of designing an educational website is having a user profile that differs from the student to the professor. The most important feature on an educational website is to have a great user interface that attracts many audiences to your website and also many other features that we will do professionally in Hamyar Dev.

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