Support service rules and regulations

Please read the support packages before buying.

  1. The amount of time required for implementing projects related to support services is at least one week from the date of order registration. Therefore, Hamyar Dev has no responsibility to do the project before the deadline and is excused from offering services to employers who want to do their job in less time.
  2. The support services do not include changes in website appearance and things such as changes in content and layout of page elements are related to design and redesign services of the site. Therefore, clients should pay special attention before filling the order.
  3. Hamyar Dev support packages have only one month of credit, and after the completion of this time, the customers have to purchase support packages again if needed support services.
  4. Website support services do not include somethings such as domain transport, site transfer to another host and cases which are related to hosting firms.
  5. If the client’s requested services are specific, and out of the default package, the client is obligated to tell these requests to Hamyar Dev before the start of the project, in order to cost estimation according to these requests. Thus, the requests that the client will add to earlier requests will charge additional expenses.
  6. The website support services do not include coding and are only include ones that can be done by installing previously made plugins.
  7. In case of occurring any problems at the site during the support period, the employer is required to inform the Hamyar Dev of the problem, in order to take appropriate action to solve the problem. If the employer finds a problem on the site after completing a month-long period of support, he/she has to repurchase the support package to tackle the problem by Hamyar Dev.
  8. The website support services are done only on official days, and in the non-official days and weekends, no action will be carried out by Hamyar Dev. Therefore, customers should pay special attention to this point and refrain from intensive contacts with Hamyar Dev experts on vacation days.