Designing an advertisement website like Divar, Sheypoor, and Dunro

If you are looking for designing a requirements website and a website for ad registration of new and stocked things, and also you want to have a site with an appealing, simple, and practical appearance, the ad site design package plus a free application will be the best option for you.

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طراحی سایت آگهی شبیه دیوار

Why designing a website similar to Divar?

Online directories are websites that classify the collection of information. Some websites sell their information at a meager price. For example, suppose you are operating on real estate, and as a real estate consultant, you want to manage your business online, so you need a real estate directory such as Baba Melki that for some keywords is on Google’s the first page.

Any person (a real estate consultant or a typical person) who wants to register a special ad on your website must pay a small amount of money. They actually use your position on Google’s first page to be viewed more. The more special ads you put on your website, the more you will gain.

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Get a free android application

Along with your ad and directory site design, Hamyar Dev group offers you an Android app as a gift so that you can expand your activities as much as you can. By creating a suitable application for your website, you can take advantage of the unique popularity of mobile apps and attract more customers. Designing an application in addition to making your users easy access to your articles, it creates a two-way connection between you and your audience. And on the other hand, the significant society of mobile app audience, which is increasing, can be named as one of the advantages of the application.

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اپلیکیشن آگهی و دایرکتوری

Facilities of a website like Divar

Creating ad without registration

Search based on state, city, and regions

Choose and lock on state, city, and regions

Nested categories (in the search field)

Rejecting ad

Ribbon (special announcement, aparat, sold, expired, commercial additives)

Related ads and user ads

Anti-spam contact info

Cyber police and website message

Cyber police and website message

List and grid

Special announcement ladder

Ad automatic loading

Adding the desired field to ad list


Ad banners


Ad slider

Text slider

Post slider

List of Iran states and cities (with ability to search)

Ad categories

Iran map (with ability to search based on state)

Announcement | accordion | tab

Image | tables | buttons

Exclusive title | counter | team members

Space builder | calling | block text

Widget | customers critic and review | map

راه های کسب درآمد از سایت آگهی شبیه دیوار، شیپور و دانرو

Ways of getting income from an ad website like Divar, Shyepoo, and Dunro

One of the easiest ways to get income is to create a directory an ad website on the Internet. You can even create your website without a profession in this field and start to generate income. Your ad website can have one or more areas of activity, such as real estate, car, food, etc. You can, of course, expand your business after a while and cover every type of activity on your website. Today, with the advancement of technology, if one wants to rent a house before going to the real estate, visits the directory and ad websites. Today, various services can be found on the internet, which shows the lucrative market of this kind. Some of the ways to get income from the directory website includes the following:

  • Advertising banners
  • Advertising (create an announcement, making announcements special, etc.)
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising SMS
  • Push notification