Designing a website like Digikala

The Digikala store website is the most prominent internet stores in Iran. Having an online shop with this beauty and with capabilities of Digikala is the wish of online business owners. In Hamyar Dev, we design and launch a website similar to the Digikala with appropriate cost and time.

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طراحی سایت شبیه دیجی کالا

Why designing a website similar to Digikala?

Today is the age of online progress. In past years, would you believe that one day you’ll purchase even food products online? This progress moves forward rapidly, which one day you may feel you’re behind everyone, so now that it is not too late, think and begin an activity. You probably don’t know what kind of online shop you can launch. The online shop design isn’t just for digital goods, but you can also design an internet store based on products, like Digikala. So be sure that the online shop design can sell both products and services. But the important thing is how to design this online store? Or what kind of facilities and who can help us design an online shop? In Hamyar Dev, we give the answers to your questions and get you close to the goal.

To build a site like a Digikala Just send your phone number or email, our experts will call you as soon as possible.

With designing a website like Digikala, we will give you a shopping application for free

Along with the Internet store, we will give you a shopping application (Android) as a gift to expand your online business more. Mobile phones are an integral part of people’s day-to-day life, the culture of using the apps to simplify the processes of e-commerce and also having apps in addition to differentiating your business from other competitors and promoting your brand prestige enables your users to and directly get access to your latest products and services and increase your sales and income.

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وب سایت کاملا ریسپانسیو (واکنش گرا) همراه با اپلیکیشن اندروید (رایگان)

Facilities of designing a Digikala-like website

Desired website appearance

Graphic page builder

Advanced management panel

Defining any kind of pages

Defining menu and submenu

User comments

Gallery and slider

RSS feed or newsreader

User membership

Newsletter membership

Introducing social networks


Online support and chat

Defining products of any sort

Types of product categories

Advanced search and filter

Comparing products

Add to favorites 

Advanced user profile

Connecting to bank payment gateways

Different types of transportation

Desired payment fields

Sending SMS

Designing the desired invoice

Different kinds of discount coupon

Product support and ticketing

Choosing delivery time

Increasing sale solutions


Standard SEO

Security shield

Anti-spam shield

Increasing speed and caching

Optimizing images

Three face to face training sessions

Video tutorial

Mobile app (android)

One year free support

Entering information of 30 product by us

دیجی کالا یک فروشگاه آنلاین با هزاران فروشنده است

Digikala is an online shop with thousands of vendors

What does market place or being multi-vendor means?

A market place is a platform that will allow users to buy from multiple suppliers. A market place does not need to have all the goods it sells, but the business in this space flows by providing the inventory of other vendors and facilitating the purchase of such products by customers.

Given the good facilities that a market place provides for users, we have seen their growth in the e-commerce environment in recent years. In past years, the user can buy goods online from the market place, the goods that their information is updated, and belong to different suppliers. Perhaps the main attraction of market place for the users is having various suppliers. That’s what allows the user to choose between a broad set of products.