The necessity of designing a corporate and service website

Designing a corporate site for business-related firms is aimed at expanding the business and online communication and interaction of companies. With knowing the features of a good and optimal site tailored to the need of the company, a user-friendly website with attractive appearance can be designed. In general, the website design firms’ expertise must be such that in addition to designing the site according to the tastes of customers, tell the customers about the items that are not needed in the design of the site or will negatively affect the site and the business.

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Facilities of designing a corporate and service website

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Our expertise is to give your company identity.

If you’re looking for introducing and authenticating your company, the best and easiest way to make your goals happen is to have an effective and productive website. Designing a professional corporate site is the best way to introduce your profession and services to everyone. With your corporate website, you can be in contact with your customers for 24 hours and seven days a week and support your services.

What do we do for you in Hamyar Dev?

After assessing your needs, the Hamyar Dev site design team will give you the best solution that will include all the positive and negative points which affect the design of a corporate website to meet all your needs by having a professional site. At the time of designing the website, you can view your website changes and tell your needed corrections to your website designer online. After delivering your site to you, we will teach you to manage your website in two training sessions, and we will support you for three months and will not leave you until you completely master your website.

Points that should be considered in designing a corporate website

When you decide to design a site for your company, there comes some needs and points on your mind about that. We are responsive to all your needs.

A corporate site is standard and helps your business when it has the criteria of a professional website. One of the main criteria in the site is being responsive. The important point in a corporate site is that all your products and services are displayed in a right and unique manner on different devices with different screen sizes.

Another important point is that your corporate website should be able to upgrade, and in the future, you can add up to your website services such as an online shop, or make your site multilingual.

In Hamyar Dev, all these points are being considered in your website design, and you can easily entrust your website design to us.

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Designing a corporate website quiet matching SEO

SEO is the hot debate of these days between designers and site owners. Each person who launched a website to boost his/her business, wants to see his/her website and products on Google’s first page.

The sites designed by the website designers of Hamyar Dev are entirely designed as SEO-based, and they use all the solutions that will help increase your corporate website’s SEO when designing your website.

Designing different pages of website

On the corporate website, like all other sites, pages such as: about us, contact us, the gallery is among important pages. Through these pages, you can introduce your expertise thoroughly and share it with your customers. The beautiful and professional design of these pages is very important. The Hamyar Dev team will design all these pages beautifully expressive. Also, when designing your website, we will provide a gallery of beautiful images that are fully representative of your expertise.

Advantages of having a corporate website

You will bring a lot of benefits to your business when you design a website to introduce products and services because explaining the details of products and services will enable many customers to be attracted to you and makes a mutual trust between you and your customers, and the result of this trust is the increase in your sales rate, and you will be introduced as a brand to everyone.

Impact of social networks on introducing your expertise

The design of a corporate website introduces your services and activities to everyone. However, it is better to inform all people about your expertise in social networks, too. Our corporate websites generally can make interact and communication with the different types of social networks, so you can easily share your website content with your customers

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Website content

When your customers visit your site, they tend to see something that will introduce you and your services well. Otherwise, they won’t trust your business. This clearly shows the importance of creating content and appropriate articles on the website. Trust us to introduction and sharing information and text articles along with a variety of media, including the image and video.

Protecting security and privacy in designing corporate website

Protecting the security and preventing foreigners’ influence on your site and your business is crucial. In designing the site with WordPress commercial tools, this point will be examined with particular sensitivity, and we will use all the tools that help protect your privacy so that you can use your site safely.