Our mission is designing your site

The most important and primary task of Hamyar Dev is designing a professional, quite the standard site with respect to your needs. We design your website in a way that you become a brand in your business

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Your website design defines your brand identity

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The design of an exclusive and professional website can have a significant impact on your business boom and is an inseparable part of your brand identity. We’re here to make you preferable to your competitors by designing an exclusive website with an optimal and targeted process

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Designing a corporate and services website

Today, any firm in the real world needs a professional website design. Indeed, having a corporate website will contribute greatly to your credit and branding. In Hamyar Dev, we can provide you with the design services of a WordPress website for corporate websites in Tehran and other cities, and build a site for you to put your service and work samples on it.

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Designing online shop

Today, with people using the internet and online shopping, having a professional online store is the best option to increase your sales. We can design an online store according to your needs.

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Designing news website

These days, people’s tendency to design news websites is more important; because users are following news online. With the help of Hamyar Dev and its news package, you can design a complete news site with all the possibilities of a news agency site

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Designing a medical website

By expanding the virtual world, people also go to the internet to find medical information and are searching for the best option. For medical professionals, clinics, and hospitals to provide information to people, they can use a website. Hamyar Dev can offer you a full-fledged site with all medical possibilities.

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Designing an educational website

You may also get a lot of your educational content online. To be able to present such content to the individuals and sell the educational services on the internet, you can have an educational website. We would offer you the package of website design with managing educational content in Tehran and other cities.

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Designing an advertising and directory website

With the help of the right design of a directory website, you can attach the client to the salesperson. You have seen such websites like Divar and Sheypoor that do so. If you wish to have a directory website, tell us to prepare you the professional advertisement and directory website design plan.

Do you know the benefits of designing your WordPress website?

The importance of designing the website in the today’s modern internet world is not covered with anyone. By designing professional a WordPress website, you can easily display your brand and your business and widen your costumers’ range. Once you design your website with WordPress, you’ll never forget the sweetness of online sales.

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Why should I choose Hamyar Dev for website design?

History and honors of Hamyar Dev

Hamyar Dev has begun the site design activity in Tehran since 2015 and is among the five top website design companies in Iran. In the years 2017 and 2018, the had been the candidate for the Iranian Web and Mobile Festival in the category of web design and SEO services, and this success is thanks to its empowered team and loyal customers.

We listen to your needs accurately and thoroughly

Our website design team listens to your needs before starting anything and leaves no concern for you. Our priorities are formed according to your needs, and then we would take action

We will provide the optimal solutions for your website

Once we have examined all of your needs, we will provide you the optimal and standard solutions for the implementation of the website so that the process will proceed smoothly and according to your satisfaction.

You can see the website as we're working on it

When the website design has reached a specific level, we’ll show you the design, so if any part of it was not as you wanted, we could change it.

Provide complete training for working with the website after completion.

After completing the project, we provide you a face to face or distance training for managing and working with the site, so that you can work with the website yourself. It is one of the education-driven characteristics of Hamyar Dev.

After completing the project, we are there for you

If you think we’ll finish the website design, give it to you and leave you, that’s wrong! We are on your side to provide additional tutorials and apply the necessary changes to your website design.

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طراحی سایت وردپرس

What are the Hamyar Dev services for you?

Corporate & Services Website

If you want to design a complete website for your company, display your portfolio of works and activities …

Online Shopping Website

If you want an online shopping website and are willing to sell products or services to customers …

News magazine website

If you’re interested in news magazines and websites, and you want to earn money this way…

Medicine and clinic website

If you have a medical center and clinic, or you are a doctor and want to present your services to people, make appointments online, and do your other services on your website…

Educational Website

If you have an educational institution or you can teach and want to provide educational services online …

Advertising and Directory Website

If you’re interested in setting up an advertising website like Divar and Sheypoor

What are the points that Hamyar Dev will consider in professional website design?

Attractive and user-friendly appearance

We design an attractive and user-friendly website that attracts your users, and they feel good spending time on your website.

Compliance with the technical and security points of the website

We check out all the technical considerations in the website design so that your users will never have technical defects on the website.

Being secure is always needed, specifically at a website! Be sure that we consider this critical factor in the design of your website.

Considering branding points

All branding points are considered so that the brand and title of the website will mark in mind of any person who enters the website.

Easy access levels

Easy access levels are geared for users so that they easily access whatever they want on the site.

Search Engine Optimization

We consider all of the optimization factors when designing a website so that your website may be popular for Google.


Responsiveness in different versions of the site is one of our main objectives to enable users to use your site and its service with any device.

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Your satisfaction is our honor.

طراحی سایت‌ وردپرس سیناوت

Instead of establishing a pet clinic and selling their particular products, we decided to use an online shop to sell pet food and accessories with accessibility from across the country, accurate information about each product, and price comparison. The turnout was satisfactory in these three months.


Dr mahmodreza etezadi / Sinavet online shop
طراحی سایت‌ وردپرس تیپواستایل

I’m a cloth designing student. I began my business for two years with designing scarf, manto, and ornaments at home. Besides Instagram, I decided to use an online internet shop to supply my products, to make more people know my art and have the ability for online shopping and payment.


harir alizade bahrami / tipostyle online shop
طراحی سایت‌ وردپرس ابزار آنلاین

The “Abzar Online” shop provides the possibility of buying tools by principal managers and the technical department of companies, even in the furthest parts of Iran at the lowest price, the ability to know the exact specifications of the goods and compare with other similar products, provide rapid supply and delivery of goods in the desired location.


mohamadhadi vaziri / abzaronline online shop

The website design may be your first step after deciding to physically set up your business since, because of the development of technology and people using the internet, everyone is looking to meet their needs via the internet. So you’d better be part of the wide world of the Internet with your WordPress website design. Don’t worry; you can go for website design and get a professional WordPress website, with any activity, including the design of an online shop, introducing your company and services, or a personal or medical website. You can also globalize your own business after designing the website by performing website SEO services.

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